Wednesday, 16 January 2013



i've seen many blogs where they have taken photos of their bedroom and uploaded them, so i though it would nice to see what you all think of my bedroom.
i just got my bedroom re-decorated last year in August- it serously needed a makeover. 
last year also, i had a NEW YORK phase, where i was just completely obessesd with new york- i would watch vlogs of people going to new york, download apps onto my ipod of places and things to do in new york, look on google maps street view in new york and just really buy product such as food, t-shirts, keyrings which just had new york on it. (it sounds crazy)
so i decided that i wanted a NEW YORK LOFT APARTMENT THEME FOR MY BEDROOM.
the idea was, to make the bedroom look like a new york style loft apartment. and it has turned out great!
my bedroom!

my new york skyline mural

my boys!!

New york sign my mum made!

The stag head my mum made!

i'll upload more photos of my bedroom later on!


  1. You room is incredible, it looks so boutique-y! I also have a Koala toy, exactly the same as your bigger one, I got it when I was little! xx

  2. I love this idea for your room, mine is London themed as I fell in love with the capital when I went there. New York is such a good theme! Looks lush xx