Sunday, 6 January 2013

New blog post!

                       Vivienne Westwood perfume-'let it rock!'

I would definitely recommend this perfume, it smells so nice and strong! It has a sweet, floral and rich scent which is rather unusual and has a long lasting smell! This is something i would wear, not everyday but most days. I would definetly give this perfume a try and it's great scent for a night out (not that i go out, i'm too young for that) or dinner at a restaraunt in the evening. I would say this is more of an evening scent. I also love the bottle- it's quite different, but i don't know why the designer has used maybe saturn (the plant with rings) as the top, i personally don't get the concept. But i love the font used and the drawn type heart, i think it really goes with the name of the perfume!

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