Friday, 28 December 2012

                                         Best band of the year!

 I really liked 'Torches' album by foster the people. my favourite song on the album is 'call it                                what you want'. I downloaded the album earlier on this year, but didn't actually really listen to it, but when i was on the train to London i decided to listen to the album and i really liked it!
In a really weird way, the music reminded me of the city, the hustle and bustle,  and also, in my opinion it has a bit of jazz mixed in, which i liked! If you haven't listened to this album i would definetly recommed you do!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

the coat i wore to town!!
this is my Dennis Basso coat Dennis Basso is a fashion designer from New York and does a special range of coats and accessories on the shopping channel QVC- my mum got me this coat in August- this was a gift for getting good GCSE grades and getting into sixth form.  i love the bright blue colour and the material used for the coat. this coat is also waterproof aswell and can say that the water just rolls right of the jacket and you hardly get wet. 
this coat also has a detachable hood at the back which is nice.

i also love the pattern design inside the coat- it reminds of a cheetah pattern- i think it goes the jacket well and doesn't make it look cheap of tacky.
i got this coat in the sale for $64 (pounds) and it is usually 80 or 90- but it's worth it and i would definitly recommend this coat!

what i brought in town-
river island sale!!! got some great deals!
$3 (3 pounds)- over knee leg socks- i love the colours!

horse top- $7 (pounds) i got a size 16- even though it is not big at the top it is very long, so i am glad i got a bigger size and sometimes tops/t-shirts shrink in the wash.

i have also decided to put my cans of coke in a basket instead of the normal boxes that take up soooo much space. the basket look, makes everything look so much neater and adds a nice vintage look- try it!

cans of coke zero- they are lighter than the normal  coke.

my breakfast!

greek yoghurt

acai honey
orange and cranberrie marmalade.
normal marmalade.
billingtons brown sugar
fig preserve

cinnamon and cheese scones.

going into town now!
my christmas present-

the cardigan is a christmas present too.

and soo is this bag.

the skinny jeans are from FOREVER 21
the cardigan is from FUSE and is by APRICOT and the top is something brought years ago from blue inc.
and the bag is from FRANCE.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

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Monday, 17 December 2012

off to perform (dance) at winter arts thingy. performing to florence and the machine- dog days are over! wish me luck!!

here are a few of the many shops/cafes and restaraunts i have been to in london.

GAP- i love gap. my mother used to by me clothes from here when i was a baby/toddler. i love how the clothing is simple but also quirky. the pricing for me is quite a joke, i mean i wo-uldn't personally pay $30/$40 for a price of jeans.( sorry about the dollar sign, my laptops nit from england). but love it because it's a shop from my childhood.

h and m- love h&m as i said before i love bargains and they just seem to do them good. i think that the clothing is such good quality for great prices. (i'm not talking about the bargains, just in general). i think that h&m is a shop that i would highly recommend you should go to.

i love this restaraunt- it's my favourite one in london for me. i used to go here all the time when i went to london and still do. my favourite thing to order is burger and chips and chocolate fudge cake with fudge sauce.

trocadeo- i like going here- it's a place for great entertainment. it has a range of shops and a games area.

well that's it for this blog- hope you found it interesting. don't forget to comment or make suggestions.
peace out!