Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I went to London last week And had i great time! I have decided to do My first london Haul! I went to GAP,ZARA and PULL AND BEAR. If you have read my previous blog post (february wishlist), you'll know that this is a follow-up from that one. 

 The sales where great in London- i got some great deals!

The first shop i went to was Zara- i found that their deals were astonishing! i didn't expect them to be that good. Zara can be a bit pricey, so the sales i got we satisfying! I would definetly reccomed getting clothes from there!

 The first item i brought, was a top.  It has 'a touch of class' printed on it and a crown i the middle-which i love. I love the colour of this top aswell- it's sort of a dark grey with cream lines. I think the bright and dark colours really go together well.
 The sleeves are long and big. The top is not tight-which is good. it's very spacious and comftable. you could wear small tops underneath aswell! The jumper is made of Viscose, polyster and cotton- it feels sooo soft and cuddly! I would definetly recommed buying this top- it's great for the winter and also the summer, because it's not thick!

I also brought this top from Zara. It's sort of a musty green colour, with a hint of mustard yellow?? Just like the one above, it's very roomy and comftable. It's incredibly soft and made of 100% cotton!

I like the small flower designs on the top. It makes the top look old-vintage!

I brought my mum this Beige cardigan.  It's really nice and simple, but also has a stylish kick to it, as the shoulder line thingys, are halfway down the sleeve.  Also, the cardigan has a little tail at the back.

                                                  The lining is exceptional for this cargdigan!
The colour of this cardigan is a light beige or brown, and it's great for all the seasons- as you can wear it in the summer with a lightweight top or in the winter, curled up near the fire! (we don't actually have a fireplace)
 This is made of linen!
The buttons, look like pearls that are flattened. They have hints of green and light yellows, which contrast with the cardigan!

I Also brought her a long jumper dress! The lighting is not great- the jumper is actually a dark burgunduny (wrong spelling sorry!) colour. I was going to get the blue one, but i thought that this one looked better!

This jumper feels absoloutly lovely! it will keep you warm and cosy in the winter, for sure! 
It also has a turtle neck collar??? at the top, which i think is very ideal for cold weather- it will keep your neck warm in the winter! I also like the way it folds over-very clever!
The jumper is very long and you can wear it with skinnies and boots!
The jumper is made out of 75% acrylic, 15% wool and 10$ alpaca!

 I also brought her a long green cardigan! Same again- it will keep you very warm in the winter! I like how the pockets are leather, but i thought they would add leather pads, halfway down the sleeves-since that look is in??? It's very cosy! It;s made out of 80% acrylic, 10% wool and 10% nylon!

I also went to pull and bear and got these jeans in the sale!
they are just basic denim blue jeans. These are extra long for me so it will wear a belt with them and i think they are strechy??? The quality in the jeans are good!

I also got these lovely boots from pull and bear aswell! I was soooo pleased that the shop had them there aswelll- i saw these online and i thought i just had to get them!
I love that the boots are long (not as long as i thought that they would be though) i love the contrast between the light brown and dark, chocolate brown! i also love the fur at the top and inside of the boots.
The laces feel nice???? and i love the dark brown line going straight down at the back of the boots! i also love the fact, that they have buckles! i would definetly recommed to buy these boots!

I brought mummy this top from gap. It's just a plain basic simple, orange top-something for the summer!

I also brought this blazer. Again the lighting is not great- the blazer is actually a bright pink, not orange!
originally, i wanted to get a navy blue and yellow blazer from forever 21, but they didn't sell them any more so i brought this one from gap! I love the navy blue lining around the edge, it adds a more edgy look to the blazer! This blazer is great for the summer!
This blazer has that preppy, college look, which is what i have always wanted and i have wanted a blazer for ages, so i'm glad i have got this one!

I brought these trousers in the sale from uniqlo! I haven't had a pair of trousers in a long time actually, it's always been skinnies- so i was very pleased to find these.  I love the pockets!  ANd i love the fact that the trousers are bright, pure white, not a light cream! These trousers are made out of cotton! and the pink blazer is made out of 77% polysester, 15% viscose, 8% elastine and 100% polyester!


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  1. love that gap neon blazer! the black lining is a great contrast :D

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