Monday, 17 December 2012

here are a few of the many shops/cafes and restaraunts i have been to in london.

GAP- i love gap. my mother used to by me clothes from here when i was a baby/toddler. i love how the clothing is simple but also quirky. the pricing for me is quite a joke, i mean i wo-uldn't personally pay $30/$40 for a price of jeans.( sorry about the dollar sign, my laptops nit from england). but love it because it's a shop from my childhood.

h and m- love h&m as i said before i love bargains and they just seem to do them good. i think that the clothing is such good quality for great prices. (i'm not talking about the bargains, just in general). i think that h&m is a shop that i would highly recommend you should go to.

i love this restaraunt- it's my favourite one in london for me. i used to go here all the time when i went to london and still do. my favourite thing to order is burger and chips and chocolate fudge cake with fudge sauce.

trocadeo- i like going here- it's a place for great entertainment. it has a range of shops and a games area.

well that's it for this blog- hope you found it interesting. don't forget to comment or make suggestions.
peace out!

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