Thursday, 27 December 2012

the coat i wore to town!!
this is my Dennis Basso coat Dennis Basso is a fashion designer from New York and does a special range of coats and accessories on the shopping channel QVC- my mum got me this coat in August- this was a gift for getting good GCSE grades and getting into sixth form.  i love the bright blue colour and the material used for the coat. this coat is also waterproof aswell and can say that the water just rolls right of the jacket and you hardly get wet. 
this coat also has a detachable hood at the back which is nice.

i also love the pattern design inside the coat- it reminds of a cheetah pattern- i think it goes the jacket well and doesn't make it look cheap of tacky.
i got this coat in the sale for $64 (pounds) and it is usually 80 or 90- but it's worth it and i would definitly recommend this coat!

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