Monday, 17 December 2012

my trip to london january 2012!
below are some photos of when i went to London earlier on this year. even though i am making it sound as if i have never been to london, i actually have- loads of times! but i got fed up of going there sooo many times believe it or not, so we stopped going for a while!
i now only go twice a year and realised how much i miss going to the city! i like waking up soo early to dawn. i also like the quiteness of the train when it is not sooo busy, but also like the hustle and bustle in the streets.  i also think that there is something rather special about London and i would describe it simply British. anyway, enough of me talking here are some photos of my trip london! please comment, like and share!
looking at different stations.

waiting at the station.

train has arrived.
a cup of coffee.
at the train station!

a bottle of jack! in the underground.

a waffle near...? um i think i's near john lewis.

dinner in bhs.

flags of countries! 2012 london olympics was great!

h and m- my favourite shop-i found great bargains in here and i gurantee you will too.
and that's it really, i didn't really take much photos i was really trying out my new camera and filming videos, which, unfortunatly i can't edit and upload on here (they are all too long) maybe if i get my new laptop next year for my birthday (google chrome),  i will be able to upload and edit! hope you found this blog interesting!

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