Monday, 17 December 2012

some shops/cafes/restaraunts i haven't been to in London yet and would hope to go next year!

first of all, i would love to try starbucks. we haven't got one here in Bedford we only have TWO COSTAS (which i find ridicolous). and it may sound silly but i love the graphics on the cups. so fingers crossed!
mmm, looks nice!

secoundly i would like to go to pinkberry.
i also realised that i am actually quite stupid, as i forgot that it is frozen yoghurt and thought it the youghurt would have not been frozen.

one shop that i am SUPER excited about going to is FOREVER 21. i heard about this shop in many blogs and vlogs and seen it the shop but, just walked right past. and i have always thought what is soo special about this shop- everyone seems to be going on about it. so i went online and had a looked and was quite suprised at the stuff they had. i loved most of the things they had and thought i just have to go to this shop! plus they have great sales- which i love! i have very high expectations for when i go!

yo sushi! is another place that i want to try. i never would have thought that i would like sushi- well cheats sushi. i tried some from tescos and it was really nice! but at yo sushi! it's the real thing so i hope i will like it considering it is quite exspensive!

american apparel
i would like to see what sales i would get, bcause this shop is exspensive, so i hope i will be able to get something.
and last but not least-i would like to go to mango. i like some of the items they have so hopfully i can get some great deals in here too! ( sorry for the repition of 'deals','sales' and 'bargains' i hust love'em) hopefully you have enjoyed this blog- feel free to recommed anywhere else of any suggestions of any orders i should make!

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